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Information about the BreedIf you have thoroughly thought about whether or not you have sufficient time and money and if you are sure that you can give the animal all the attention that it requires, it would be convenient for you to familiarize with the following advantages and disadvantages of our breed.
Disadvantages of this small breed
The pug is very sensitive to high temperaturesIf the temperature rises above 80ºF, it becomes difficult for the pug to refrigerate suffiently. Therefore you must
avoid excessive activities and ensure that always sufficient fresh and cool water is available. NEVER leave your dog alone in the car as the temperature in the car rises to levels that can be deadly for the animal within a few minutes.
Be careful with the eyes!The Pug's huge eyes are very unprotected and can be injured very easily. Therefore it is convenient to be careful, especially when playing with children or other dogs. The consequences can be serious
(injuries of the cornea or even complete loss of the eye).
The pug's hairs are everywhere!Usually pugs lose loads of hair, not only in summer but during the whole year. Regular brushing may limit this problem, but will not solve it definitely.
Pugs snoreThere may be exceptions, but usually adult pugs snore a lot when they are asleep. In case you wake up easily you might find the pug's snoring disturbing, even if the pug does not sleep in the same room.
The Pug cannot (and does not want to) live outsidePugs are family dogs and enjoy very much all the comfort your home offers. Except for walks or other not too physically demanding family activities it is not convenient that the dog is outside, otherwise you risk that
your pug gets a cold, an infection, parasites or in summer even a heat stroke.
The pug can easily be stolenBecause of the popularity and the rather high value of this breed, pugs are stolen out of fenced gardens, balconies, cars and in public places. Therefore NEVER leave your pug without supervision.
Pugs need companyThe Pug does not like to be left alone for longer periods. In case you do not have two or more dogs please do not leave your pug alone for more than 4 hour per day, otherwise the pug suffers and might even get sick.
Pugs are affectionateShould you feel disturbed if your pug follows every step you take and always tries get your attention,
you should better not chose this breed, bacause that's the way they are!
Pugs are no watchdogsThis breed does not have any ability in this respect.
Advantages of this small breed
Pugs are calmUsually Pugs do not bark very often and have a serene and laid-back character.
But they will bark if they really hear noises unkown to them or if really sombody is
knocking on the door.
Pugs are cleanPugs are surely one of the cleanest dog breeds. They hardly have any smell and because of their short coat there are no accumulations of dirt.
Pugs don't need a lot of spaceIf the pug gets sufficient exercise (at least half an hour twice a day), he will be happy in any
dwelling, he doesn't care whether it's a tiny appartment or a mansion.
Pugs are simply incredible!It almost seems as if the are not really dogs. If they are correctly educated (coherently, consistently and without ever using physical force) they will be always friendly, open-minded, cheerful and playful.
A pug cannot even magine that any person or animal might do him any harm. He will follow his owner anywhere he goes and listens attentively to any nonsense you might tell him, putting on a most serious face as if he had just understood the theory of relativity. Pugs also enjoy very much to observe for hours the daily activities of the household. For this purpose they usually sit on their derriere in an very characteristic askew way.
But all this you will only understand if you have had once in your life the opportunity to know a Pug!!!